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Tel: 01422 417760

IP Electrical Engineers Ltd

IP (In Phase) electrical engineers are a dedicated LV and HV electrical engineering company, with a wealth of industry understanding and experience. IP electrical engineers understand that providing a professional, time responsive quality end product and service, are key to delivering customer satisfaction.

We at IP are not adverse to the ever changing demands of the industry and will work tirelessly with our clients to achieve your end goal and product. As a subsidiary of J.GERAGHTY utilities, it allows us to take on almost every aspect of almost any electrical project.

Our dedicated team are all time served, certified, multi-skilled and multi-disciplined engineers, with a wealth of experience within the industry.

Please do not hesitate to speak to one of our friendly engineers, who will be happy to help you with any questions you may have or simply ask for a free quote.

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Our Services

Please see below the services we can offer at IP Electrical Engineers

Our Expert cable jointers are all electrically trained, certified and time served cable jointers with a can do attitude, where nothing is impossible.

We have cable jointers available for jointing and terminations works across most of the industry networks and work on dead systems from LV upto and including 66kV. Our Jointers all have a wide knowledge and understand of working on most varieties of cable, joints and termination. We also can offer Live LV jointers who again have a good understanding and knowledge on most varieties of cables, joints and terminations.

We guarantee all our works and pride ourselves on the quality of product we provide, so whether you need a cable diversion, a fault fixing, and new system overall, a simple termination into an RMU or switchgear panel, a cable needs spiking or you require a full electrical project contractor, we are available and ready for your call.

Our team at IP electrical engineers have an industry understanding of making sure the integrity of any system we work on is to a standard that you the customer can rely on.

We have skilled engineers who will provide an effective, timely cable installation and with the help of our sister company J.Geraghty Utilities and there dedicated civils team, whether working on commercial, industrial, renewable’s or water treatment works projects, we are here to help.

We are skilled in many aspects of cable installations, whether it be directly buried, ducted systems or you require installation of cable ladder rack, cable tray, baskets or require a cleated system, we have the expertise needed with a good understanding of industry standards, we are here to help.

LV/ HV Electrical Fitting and Testing.
Available for works from LV-upto and including 66kV.

We at IP electrical engineers have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all aspects of LV/HV installations, from design, fitting, protection or even testing. Working with our sister company J.Geraghty Utilities, we have the capability of providing a wide range of products and well trained engineers to help with your electrical projects.

We take on all aspects of most projects, whether it be Cable Diversions, new Substation builds, LV/HV panels, Controls, Protection, small power and lighting, Auxiliary cabling, transformers, RMUs, plinth builds, maintenance, or any aspects of civils, we have a dedicated team to help.

Cable fault location is required anywhere where the fault cannot be seen, this multi-step process that must be performed safely and efficiently to restore power as soon as possible.

Cable faults are common occurrences in our industry, due to a number of factors, these include poor installation, accidental damage and production to name a few. There are a number of steps to cable
fault-finding which includes.

1. Cable installation.
2. Cable identification.
3. Cable tracing.
4. Fault identification.
5. Fault pre location.
6. Pinpointing.
7. Fix and Repair.
8. Re energisation.

We at IP electrical engineers have a skilled team and the most up to date industry-leading equipment available to help you get back to full power as quickly as possible.

IP electrical engineers are a subsidiary company of J.Geraghty utilities, this allows us to take on almost every aspects of any electrical project, whether it be cable installations, trenching, cable pulling, plinth builds, substation builds, gas connections for gas generation, water connections or even fibre, we have a team of multi-skilled, multi-disciplined engineers across both companies, who will work tirelessly to achieve your end goal and product.

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